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Heiko Windisch Art & Illustration. A black and white world of whimsy. - » About

Botanical Garden

Heiko Windisch

Artist / Illustrator

Ink, paper, synthetic polymer paint, cardboard, wood, digital

Wacky, weird, whimsical and highly detailed characters, monsters, landscapes, machines, vehicles in black and white with colour accents

I speak English.
Ich spreche auch Deutsch.
Se habla español también.
Je parle français, aussi.
Retrospect Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia: Keep Youth (Group)
Retrospect Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia: Intricate Lines (Group)
Illustrative 2008, Zürich, Switzerland (Group)
Illustrative 2009, Berlin, Germany (Group)
Charmingwall Gallery, New York City, New York: Bestiary (Solo)
Ziegel Oh Lac, Zürich, Switzerland: Headscapes (Solo)
Bourgeois Pig, Heidelberg, Germany: Voyage Fantastique (Solo)
Print Club London, UK: Blisters on my Fingers (Group)
Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, California: Cover Band (Group)
Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, California: Picks Of The Harvest: Batch IV (Group)
DvA Gallery, Chicago, Illinois: Picks Of The Harvest: Chicago Invasion (Group)
Monster Children Gallery, Sydney, Australia: Post-Wood (group)
Young Illustrators Award 2008 Illustrative Zürich // red dot award: communication design 2009 // ADC Germany Wettbewerb: Design: Grafik 2009 // ADC*E: 2009 Shortlist // D&AD: 2009 InBook // Eurobest: 2009 Shortlist // FAB Award: 2009 Shortlist // iF Award: 2009 Shortlist // Mobius Award: 2009 Gold & Best of the Best // One Show Design: 2009 Shortlist // PENTAWARDS: 2009 Silver // New York Festivals: 2009 Silver World Medal
Logitech // Converse // ZEIT Magazin // Salomon Snowboards // The Deli Garage // graniph design t-shirt store // Threadless Select // The Common Review Magazine // Die Gestalten Verlag // Weezer // Der Freitag
TORSO, Gestalten (DE) // funs magazine (TW) // Semi Permanent 2006 Sydney/Auckland Book (AU) // Faesthetic Issue 6 (US) // Empty Mag #7 (AUS) // Oddica Magazine #3 (US) // Voiceworks #68 (AUS) // Ruby Mag #14. (ARG) // Bandito E-Zine #1 (MEX) // Walrus Magazine (CDN) // Spooky Calendar 2010, Gestalten (DE) // Slanted (DE)

amusement park animals bear bird building cmyk commercial crest crocodiles cyan design elephant flames flying machines grim reaper jungle koala landscape lion machine magenta monkey monsters music ocean pandas patterns people plants rainbow rhinoceros river robots sea ship skulls sky space stars tank tapir temple ufo vehicle wolf

©2014 Heiko Windisch